Camping at Nantgwyn

Nantgwynfynydd Uchaf is a small sheep farm near Aberaeron on the west coast of Wales. The name Nantgwynfynydd means ‘Pure mountain stream’ named after the stream that rises on the farm and runs through Oakford eventually joining the sea a few miles down the coast. It is a peaceful place with 10 acres of wild habitat and woodland, views of the farming countryside, the village of Oakford and, in the distance, the sea. It is open for tent only camping During the summer.

We try to tread lightly on the Earth, using our own wood to heat the farm in winter, spring water for stock in the fields, eating our own veg, fruit and meat and generating more electricity than we use from the solar panels on the old dairy roof.

There are between 2 and 10 pitches in each field over 55 acres.

Nantgwynfynydd Uchaf



SA47 0RY